Benefits of Unigraphics NX / Siemens NX

About UG NX:

Unigraphics NX is currently known as NX or Seimens NX since 2007 owned by Siemens PLM Software.

NX is widely used for its three major purposes i.e

  • Designing Solid and Surface modelling. (CAD)
  • Analysing mechanisms of product operation using finite element method and finite volume method. (CAE)
  • Creating and designing manufacturing machine modules. (CAM)

UG NX Training

Benefits of UG NX:

  • Design (CAD) solution in NX software helps us to develop and design new products using high-end design tools with precise designing.
  • Integration of CAD, CAE and CAM helps the industry to maintain a collaborative environment which helps them to deliver the product on time.
  • UG NX simplifies complex product designs, which results in fast-moving up the process of launching new products to the market.
  • With the help of the NX, we can work faster and efficiently designing 2D layout to 3D modelling, assembly design and much more.
  • Synchronizing in NX is much easier in a way that we can use models created in other CAD systems with import options. UG NX is famous for its collaborative approach.
  • Assembly design tools in UG NX, having the capacity to handle complex assemblies with the help of creating multi-CAD digital mockups. It helps to identify the issues in the assembly so that we can resolve them much faster.

Benefits of Unigraphics NX

  • Validating the designs using NX is easier so that we can monitor continuously and check its compliance according to Industry standards. Variations can be easily spotted and get corrected using Integrated design validation in NX.
  • UG NX with its Convergent modelling technology, offers anyone the capability to perform faceted-based modelling without the requirement for data alteration. NX eradicates the need for reverse engineering by merging facet, surface and solid modelling into a single integrated atmosphere.
  • Analyzing and reporting in NX helps us to gather data about Products and Processes and their impact on design makes us take decisions much faster.
  • With the help of integrated CAD, CAE and CAM, NX helps us to fasten the development process and reduce the product delivery time by around 35 per cent.
  • Through its Top-down and Bottom-up assembly design technology, UG NX provides us most advanced and efficient Assembly management to handle complex assemblies in manufacturing.
  • NX Software with its cutting-edge technology and tools saves enormous money for the company by shortening the product delivery time without compromising the quality of the product.
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